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Women Bustiers



Women bustier is a strapless underwear product used by women in their clothes such as jackets and shirts. There are certain indispensable parts of the fashion industry. Perhaps the most important of these is the bustier. Bustier styles have been preferred by women for many years. Bustiers are divided into genres such as punk, gothic, sports, stylish, and sexy. It is very important that the bustiers are combined with the right clothes and are in a suitable form for the body. For example, the bustier must fully grasp the bust. If the bustier is narrow or wide, it would look bad. Women bustiers, contrary to popular belief, are not bras. Bra is an underwear product that covers only the chest area. However, the women’s bustier starts from the top of the bust and continues to the waist. It differs from short t-shirts due to their narrow shape and generally sexy stance.

Bustier Use

The bustier, which was used as underwear when it first came out, has been used by women since the 1800s. Stylish bustiers are generally preferred inside jackets or shirts. In addition, comfortable bustiers are mostly preferred by athletes. Especially in the fashion industry, with the rapidly growing movements of liberation and accepting your body no matter what, the use of bustier has become street fashion rather than being used as underwear. The bustier is a piece used because it makes the breasts look straighter and tighter. Especially stylish-looking bustiers are preferred in street style clothing. The bustiers that athletes often prefer are half-athlete-style bustiers. Black bustier top is one of the most preferred pieces. The white bustier top is also among the most liked models by women.

Bustier Types

Although bustiers are generally produced from materials such as silk, satin, or cotton. They have also begun to be made from materials such as metal and copper, especially in the 1950s, with the introduction of science fiction into movies and theaters. Over time, this has become a trend, but since it has a disturbing structure, it is a trend that has been forgotten in a short time. Especially the harmony of satin, lace, and silk provides a stylish and elegant look. Therefore, women prefer bustiers in these 3 fabric types more. Bustiers, which are preferred while doing sports, are generally made of leggings fabric and do not tighten the body too much since comfort is taken into account while doing sports. The main purpose of this type of bustier is to both gather the breasts and provide comfortable breathing without the need to use a bra during sports. Bustiers worn inside shirts or jackets are generally made of plain and unpretentious fabrics. Fabrics such as lace or satin are generally not included in these bustier types. For bustiers that will be used at night, flamboyant fabrics with sequins and shiny stones are generally preferred. In this way, you can attract all the attention with your magnificent bustier in the dark of the night.

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